Tuality Health Plan Services are proud of our work in community leadership and collaboration throughout Hillsboro and Washington County. We know that improving healthcare outcomes goes well beyond the excellence in care that we provide. It requires us to be active in community health outreach and involvement. At THPS, we serve our members and our community.


At Tuality Health Plan Services, we know a community is about the people who live within it. We are proud to have a home here. You can see us at numerous community events.

Cancer Awareness Involvement

See us each year at the Tuality Foundation’s Annual C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run  (Cancer Awareness & Treatment).

Community Health and Sustainability

You’ll find our staff volunteering at the Hillsboro and Forest Grove Farmers Markets.


Visit us at our booth at Centro Cultural Children’s Day Celebration.


Being active in the community means lending a helping hand where we can.