At Tuality Health Alliance, we know a community is about the people who live within it. We are proud to have a home here. Our team is comprised of local people who care about the community we share. We believe a healthy community is better for all of us.

Our Identity in the Community

We strive to build strong community partnerships with other non-profits and government bodies to improve access to care for all citizens of Washington County. Tuality Health Alliance has been serving physicians, patients and community members in Washington County since 1994. We have grown alongside the community and continue to add new and skilled staff to meet our members’ needs. 

Our Beliefs 

We are advocates for physicians who believe that working collaboratively improves healthcare access and cost for our whole community. We are advocates for Oregon Health Plan members who may have been underserved in the past and may not have received the care they deserve. We know that improving healthcare outcomes goes well beyond excellence in care. It requires us to be active in community health outreach and involvement. At Tuality Health Alliance, we serve our members and our community.